AFI Top 100!

Hey, y’all. It’s FilmBabie!

As a theatre kid, I grew up with a solid understanding of theatre history. Half the books on my bookshelf are actually plays. I love plays! But recently, because of Miss Corona, I’ve been consuming more and more movies. I realized I LOVE movies and know next to nothing about them. Like many people, I am a film babie. As a writer/aspiring filmmaker, I think I should probably do something about that.

So here we are! And here’s my first mission… watch all 100 films on the AFI Top 100 American Films of All Time. I’ll be going down the list randomly depending on how I feel. Take a look and follow along if you’d like! I tend to have a lot of thoughts and feelings, so be prepared.


I’ll be posting stories on my Instagram about my thoughts as well. My plan is to archive them on a separate page. I hope this is an educational experience for everyone. Maybe by the end, we can evolve into FilmToddlers. Here’s hoping. I hope y’all enjoy this project. Please get in touch with me through the Contact page if you have any questions or thoughts. Thanks!

By filmbabie

What's up my fellow film babies? Like a lot of people I know, there are so many movies I still have not seen. So, here we are! Follow my journey as I comment on films new and old, good and bad, big and small. I'm just a girl standing in front of a blog, asking y'all to read it.

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