“Feelin’ good’s good enough.” I think I love Willem Dafoe. DIRECTED BY OLIVER STONE WRITTEN BY OLIVER STONE SCORED BY GEORGES DELERUE STARRING TOM BERENGER WILLEM DAFOE CHARLIE SHEEN JOHN C. MCGINLEY FOREST WHITAKER TW: racism, violence, death first words The first film to accurately depict the horrors of the Vietnam War. 19-year-old Sheen breaks… Continue reading PLATOON


“Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.” Ugh! So good! DIRECTED BY BILLY WILDER WRITTEN BY BILLY WILDER + CHARLES BRACKETT SCORED BY FRANZ WAXMAN STARRING GLORIA SWANSON WILLIAM HOLDEN ERICH VON STROHEIM NANCY OLSON first words Men don’t like that women age. A lot of silent film stars didn’t make it to the talkies.… Continue reading SUNSET BOULEVARD

AFI Top 100!

Hey, y’all. It’s FilmBabie! As a theatre kid, I grew up with a solid understanding of theatre history. Half the books on my bookshelf are actually plays. I love plays! But recently, because of Miss Corona, I’ve been consuming more and more movies. I realized I LOVE movies and know next to nothing about them.… Continue reading AFI Top 100!